Landing Page Maker provides integrations and partnerships with websites and services platforms to facilitate the business process for all types of companies in various fields.

Social Media Management Tools

It is the easiest and the most economical system to manage all social media activities in the world.

You can now integrate with Sticky Posts through your AI-EARNING account to be used in the execution of your business on the AI-EARNING Platform at the same time in a professional way.

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Marketing planning tools

Marketers Spot

You will be able to plan your business and marketing activities through a professional dashboard especially for marketers .

All the characteristics of planning, management, and track all steps of your marketing plan and analysis in one placeto help all marketers & business owners to achieve ROI in a short time.

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PR Thinker

This platform provides management service for all public relations activities of companies and institutions From events, conferences, exhibitions, and celebrations to all stages of preparation and organization.

Users can carry out their activities in precise ways with a low error rate.

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AI Earning is the first platform that allows creating Digital Advertising Campaigns and other various advertising services by content creators, talents and influencers for brands and advertisers, using Artificial Intelligence technology for best matching..

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Management tools

Done Tasks

Join this platform so you can manage all of your team in the most rapid and accurate way, you will also be able to evaluate their performance and analysis all results.

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The Data Wallet

Storing and arranging all your business materials, documents is no longer a problem through this platform you will be able to store and organize them all in one place in an organized manner whether they are government documents or materials used in your digital marketing activities or Social media activities.

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UNCOVER Business Hub

It is web-based tools for start-ups to enterprises that aim to help your business. to grow faster, increase productively and revenues such as help you meet your collogues online, list your company in their directory database, assign and arrange tasks, post job vacancies and manage applied candidates, issue and submitted bids, improve your relationship with your current customer, send E-mails and SMS campaigns, learn the latest tip and tricks in the marketing filed and reserve seat in their extinguish workshops.

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E-payment tools

One Wallet 4 ads

Many marketers and business owners face problems In different electronic payment methods to carry out their e-business and digital this platform provides various electronic payment services for businesses and individuals to facilitate the mechanism of action in our digital world today.

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